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I am getting a Bend Pak LR-60P lift delivered on Wednesday. This is the kind of lift usually used by tire shops, where a rubber-covered steel platform raises beneath each rocker area to lift the car.

With a jack and stands I have always raised the rear of the car by putting a piece of 2x4 under the "frame" beneath the transaxle, but that will not work with this lift. Can I put a rubber pad beneath the area outlined with a square forward of the rear wheel to raise the rear?

For the front, can I put a rubber pad at the area where the "frame" curves behind the front wheel (marked with a circle), or should I continue to put a length of 2x4 beneath the area indicated by the line?

Thank you,

Jim Oddie


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I would say the front is fine. My concern is the back might be a little far forward. Car may be front end light on the lift. I would try lifting under the 3 engine mount bolts shown in the rear picture you provided if possible. Bottom line anywhere on the frame should be fine just lift it off the ground 6" and make sure car is balanced by gently bouncing on the front or rear bumper
I got the lift and put the Pantera on it.
With rubber pads at the location of next set of holes in the "frame" rearward of the square in the photo above the car was still a little light in the nose-- I could feel it moving slightly when I lifted on the front bumper.

Unfortunately that is the furthest rearward I can support the car because the frame goes toward the centerline of the car as it goes rearward and the lift beams are only a certain length. So it looks like I'll have to put some kind of safety stand beneath the "frame" below the transaxle.

The points you circled are in fact the factory lift points for the stock jack. Wink

Pantera frames are very stiff. I currently have 2511 on four heavy-duty jackstands - equal heights front and rear.

Two are under the engine mounts as suggested by Mark, and two at the front as per your circles.

Basically, any points on the 'frame' structure will be secure lifting points. As you have found, with your lift's limits, a secondary support may be called for.

But despite the front end lightness, I doubt the car could ever actually do a rearward fall.

The front frame and engine mount points are exactly where I lift my car on that style 2 post lift. Make sure you have the car as far forward of the lift centerline as possible i.e. the front lift arms fully extended, rears less. You wouldn't think it would make much difference but it does seem to for me.

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