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Can anyone provide information about Armin Fischer and his two companies, AHI and Sports Cars Stuttgart? Armin Fischer was a German importer of De Tomaso cars, and apparently sold a large number. It would be a valuable contribution to our knowledge of De Tomaso history if we could locate him and, ideally, obtain copies of his records.

Panteras sold to AHI Germany


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  • Panteras sold to AHI Germany: Partial list of cars sold by De Tomaso to AHI
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Thank you very much! Your information is very helpful.

Can you share some history about his two companies? They had some involvement in racing Panteras and seemed to specialize in selling higher performance and racing variants, so it would be interesting to find out more about the two companies and about Mr. Fischer.

Armin Fischer became the German DeTomaso Concessionaire in '70 by taking the last 52 Mangustas in unfinished states and completing them (some with locally sourced Mercedes parts) as part of the deal, since the brand new Pantera was taking all of Allessandro's time. Fischer also sponsored a few local racers- one was Michael Schumacher. Reportedly, Fischer's warehouse had an ex-Schumacher open wheel racer stored in it. Roland sent me information on his DeTomaso connection, which was featured in the POCA Newsletter some years back.

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