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As I purchased the car recently, it came with the older ProJection4 system on it. From what I am seeing so far its not too impressive. (ie. terrible to start cold, and god forbid you switch on some high amp unit when cold, it screws up the ecu input voltage readings).

So in-a-nutshell its gonna come off.

I've got my eye on a BarryGrant SpeedDemon 650, elec choke with vac secondaries. (their tech last week said this would fit the bill nicely with the stock cam, car weight, and gearing). (PN 1282010VE)

Has anyone used one of these? I'm interested in any feedback.

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Just installed this carb with mechanical secondary & electric choke (it's COLD here in Kansas!)this fall on my rebuilt engine with an X-celerator manifold & couldn't be happier. Runs great right out of the box!

Bob Radefeld
Mark. As for whats done internally I am not sure. I may attempt to track to the 2nd owner (I know the guy I bought if from found it in an older Dupont Registry book, and I may give it a shot.....ya never know). The internals may be stock 351c. I will say the cam has a nice sound to it.

As for what I can see and touch. It currently has a Holley Projection4 throttle body system on it (to be replaced soon). It has a MSD6A with MSD distributor.

What I've done in 4weeks since owning.
1) Chg all fluids.
2) Installed MSD HeliCoil wire set w/NGK platinum plugs
3) Replaced oil pan gaskets and added the removable rear x-member.
4) Added the MSD Tach filter.
5) Little wire cleanup behind console for stereo. (basically cut everything. Reworked and wrapped all items in logical bundles)
6) Header gaskets.

Next on the immediate list
1) Replace ProJection with Barry Grant carb
2) Remove original (yes original) pusher fans with 2x12" Derale S-style Tornado's in puller mountings
3) Relocate OilCooler
4) Replace the MagnaFlow mufflers (much to low of a tone, plus I want tips that resemble what should be on there
Since you are a new owner, I'll give my std warning re carbs- do NOT take the easy way out and connect the electric choke wire to the coil primary. This will reduce the voltage to the ignition regardless of type, and act exactly like a rev-limiter. The engine will not run over about 4800 rpm. Find another source of switched 12V for the little choke wire, and your engine (and yourself) will be happier.

I've had the BG SpeedDemon 650 cfm with vacuum secondaries on my street car for about three months. All things considered, I like it. I do wish I would have opted for the mechanical secondaries but at the time I also wanted the electric choke option. As things turned out, I ended up eliminating the choke altogether. The choke mechanism did not work well. My car originally had a Holley 750 with vacuum secondaries. It simply flowed too much air for my engine as it was set up. The BG 650 has much better throttle response and just works well on my car. I am impressed with the finish and quality of the unit. My engine is your pretty standard 351C upgraded throughout, closed chamber heads and about 10:1 CR.

Rapier..... I pulled it after a series of problems with cold starts and severe flooding. Even after looking at some other website postings about it, and attempting to re-adjust it from "square-1" it was still an issue. One thing I also noticed was that during warm-up, if you turned on a major electrical draw somewhere else in the car it had problems. (and it could have very well be from the previous installation, who knows).

I was basically frustraited with it, and one day just decided to take it all off. (Plus it was one of the original ProJection units and I'm sure they are just fine in all honesty). But, I will say that I love the BG650.

I have had a Barry Grant on my car for the past year. I love it after it is warmed up. The car runs a little rough when cold.

The inside of my engine has a medium cam, roller rockers, ausy heads, hypernuetetic pistons, stainless valves, and big oil pan.

This works better than the tech 2 and throttle body that was on the car with engine build.

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