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MIke, if you really want to make things easier, take those pretty bleeder screws back and replace them with Speed-bleeders so one person can do brake bleeding rather than needing two people. THere are two varieties of 'automatic' bleeder screws and one has a long tail that protrudes from the threaded end. This type may not fit in some calipers, but 'real' Speed-bleeders fit fine. I have them in our Wilwood fronts, Porsche rears and a Tilton clutch cylinder.
This is something I've been planning to do, and I've recently ordered the SpeedBleeders.

Mark Charlton posted the website an the part number for stock brakes, here's what he's using (and what I and others have purchased)...


SB1428 (1/4 X 28 X 1” LONG) X 1 for the clutch slave
SB8125LL (M8 x 1.25 X 1.5” LONG) x 6 (3 pairs) for callipers

You can get them in stainless or regular. Also, get the I.V. bag as well, it simplifies the one-person bleeding process.


On the website, they charge $7 for regular, $15 for Stainless, but I found an e-bay store selling the Stainless bleeders for $12, so I went that route ... still waiting for them to arrive, should be here in the next week or so. The e-bay guy's store is at:
Im sure speed bleeders are great. But I have 2 bleeders, a pressure type and a vacuum type. Also 6 different vehicles to bleed. Thats way too many speed bleeders to buy. Im also not a fan of pushing the brake pedal way down past where it normally runs. The master usually ends up leaking after doing that. IMHO
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