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In the constant examination of my car for more room, it occurs to me that the bake pedal piston rod can be shortened in order to put the pedal closer to the front bulkhead.

Now at first this might seem a radical statement to some of you but it looks like the pedal could be moved about two to three inches further from the driver.

Now if you look cloesly at the stock footbox you will clearly see that there is about four or five inches clearance from the bottom of the pedal to the front bulkhead at full travel.

In my car, and I presume all US production Panteras as well, that would place the brake pedal and the accellerator pedals on the same plane and enable heel/toeing.

The clutch pedal can't be altered since the Pantera clutch needs every bit of travel it has now.

This is something that the Racers must have already discovered. The question is how much forward can the pedal be moved safely?

Any ideas anyone? Big Grin
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Yes but just the brake pedal. Presently there is about a two to three inch difference between pedal heights, brake vs. accellerator.

You have to see it DeTom. It's like a Lincoln in there now. I just finished putting in a tit column, oops sorry, wishful thinking, I meant TILT column.

Now I don't go anywhere. I just sit in it in the garage and play with the power seats, power mirrors, tilt wheel, quick disconnect wheel and I save all of that $4 per gallon gas. It's great! Big Grin
Plug & play? Not really. I took a 98 Honda Civic steering column and surgically removed the tilt mechanism. Then the Pantera column comes out, the two u clamps are removed and the Honda piece welded in.

What is interesting is that it looks and fits like it was made for the car. It gives you about 4 inches of drop if you can use it. Also, the new mounting plate mounting holes if slotted, makes it possible to telescope the column in as much as about 2 inches.

I was thinking about building a couple of more if I could find some naked Pantera columns cheap. By the same token I don't know if I need the liability.

Plus do we really need to get DT any more excited then he already is?
Man, there is know way I'd attempt something like that! Since I don't weld.

Awhile back I contacted Ididit and one of the other tilt wheel Manufacturer. Both told me to take measurements here and there (like I'd get that right) and send the them the measurements, and they would see what they could come up with? Hell, with my luck, they would have sent me something for an old Buick!

Got any photos?
How did I high jack my own thread?

The reason I went to an ajustible height (rather then tilt actually) is that I went the route of shimming, unbolting etc, etc.

Everytime I would get back in the car, I wanted to change it from the last time. I can't explain why really? Maybe my butt checks would be swollen from the last S&M episode? Wow. There are some real bad girls out there, but I degress. I needed the option of ajustment.

Ditto. Telescoping.

It is strange but these little things make the car so much more enjoyable. To me, the lack of these items are where I consider the original car to be unfinished.

Now, back to the brake pedal. Any comments? I guess the racers are either really short legged or don't hang out here huh? Big Grin
Cuvee. This "tilt" wouldn't give you the option of a higher wheel position then stock, just the option of lowering it.

I actually put in a smaller Momo wheel (300mm) in anticipation of not enough room. Now with all of my manipulating the car I find the 350mm wheel is the way to go now.

In addition I picked the 300mm Momo Team wheel. If you look at it, the hub is not in the center.
It is offset one inch to the bottom of the wheel which is intended to give you more thigh room.

Maybe I'll just start drinking beer and fill back out? Then I can leave everything the way it is now?
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