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18" Budnik Gassers with BFG KDW tires.
Fronts are 215/35 18 with 18x8 wheels
Rears are 295/35 18 with 18x10 wheels

Less then 500 miles on tires and wheels. They are like brand new.
New the whole set cost $3500 plus mount/balance shipping and tax.

I am asking $2500. These are located in North COunty San Diego, CA but I am willing to put on pallet and ship also.

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Originally posted by 70 stang:
Are these tires and wheels still available? ? ?

Shaun (Evod Industries) stopped by my house today (he is my neighbor) as he was returning from a car show in Carlsbad.

His Pantera (and wheels) is (are) absolutely flawless and is one of the nicest Cats that I have ever seen.

disclaimer: I have only seen about 50 or so Panteras in the last year or so.

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