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I'm currently pulling down my suspension to recoat the control arms and have removed the bushes to do this.

My bushes were replaced by the previous owner towards the end of 2006 and the paperwork I have says that they were purchased from PE which I can only presume is Pantera East which doesnt seem to operate any more.

There is a notation that the front bushes are offset with increased castor on them, and as I've now had Johnny Woods do the A arm modification, I'll have to get stock bushes for the upper arms.

The lower front arms also appear to have off bushes in them. The bush is not even sided, having a thicker buffer on one side than the other as can be seen in the following pics.


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This slight variation must allow the lower control arm to be placed forward a few mm which would have a small effect on the castor angle.

Question: Now that my upper arms have been modified by Johnny Woods and will potentially give me 7 degrees of castor, would it seem reasonable to refit my original bushes (which are in perfect condition) but fit them in a reverse situation to lesson the castor as I can now gain it back more accuratley and in a mechanical situation by the Woods modified upper arms?

The alternative is to purchase new (stock) upper and lower bushes from somewhere and then rely on the Woods modification to gain accurate castor.

Who is the best supplier of stock type bushes if I went this way?

As you say, you can now get all the positive castor you need (up to 7 degrees). You need to buy 8 new front bushes. The type of bush you choose depends on the type of driving you do. If you’re planning a lot of track days then poly bushes would be best, but if your car is predominantly a road car then go for the OEM stock rubber type.
Poly bushes do need replacing periodically as they wear out but rubber lasts for 20 years + I bought my last set of OEM bushes from Roland in Germany,
You can also buy them from Wilkinson of course. Maybe you can get them down under from a Ferrari guy as they are shared with the 308 apparently.

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