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Hello, new member here. I joined because I have a chance to buy a 73-74 Pantera from a friends father. I'm posting this in the for sale forum because I want to sell-flip it for a profit but still price it below retail for a quick sale.
I'm going to see / inspect the car Wednesday. I was hoping for some help from you experts on where and what I should look for, such as rust and non original parts or anything else that would decrease the value. Also, where can I safely locate a floor jack so I don't damage the car?
I would love to keep this car myself but honestly it is above my means, for instance... $8 - $10,000 for a used transmission???
In return for your help, if I buy it, I will offer it for sale here first.
I apologize if this doesn't fit the for sale forums guidelines. If it does please tell me where to move it.

Thank you, Keith
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Buy low and sell high is a well honored American ideal of capitalism. Nothing wrong with that at all.

What you cannot know is how Pantera owners form bonds of friendship that will last long after ownership of a Pantera. We are often described as a different breed of owners that come to value the friendships more than we value the ownership of the cars.

The owners that post to this forum and other DeTomaso sites are passionate owners, not passionate investors or car flippers. We regularly will bend over backwards to offer advice, wrenching assistance and parts supplying when fellow owners are in need. This site and others have a wealth of information that we encourage new enthusiasts to read, study and absorb. There are many pitfalls to be avoided in purchasing a Pantera and the online information, when properly absorbed, will provide the tools needed to make wise purchases.

There are far too many variables in evaluating a Pantera for any of us to concisely provide the direction you are seeking with just a single post to this thread

I wish you well in your endeavor, however, as others have pointed out, without truly understanding these cars you do run the risk of losing money if your purchase is not well vetted.

Also, one other thought, not pertaining to the car: aren't you a bit worried about what this may do to your friendship? I am a Yank; I can't imagine trying to do a "friend" like that. Not passing judgement in any way...friendly advice-some things aren't worth losing over 5-10k comes and goes. good friends are hard to find....
Hi Kieth
I must say you are very diplomatic in your response to some of the replies you have received, you are willing to put YOUR money down and take a chance on purchasing a Pantera for resale a somewhat risky business and and you have asked the club for advice and many have deemed it their place to be your moral compass instead of giving you the advice you have asked for, I think we all know virtually the whole world was built on this principal and not just the States, as long as you do your homework and offer a FAIR price your friend will have no problem with this deal since YOU are taking all the risk and remember he doesn't have to sell anything to you if he feels your trying to take advantage in any way, oh and to answer your question just go on every site you can find and before long you will know exactly what the cars worth and when you decide to sell you can take any price you like or not.
Good Luck.
Thanks to all who have offered advice, here and PM's. I have to say I am surprised at some of the responses here, I think they might live in a different world than most. Good for them, I'm glad somebody has it that good.
As to the seller, he priced his car in the retail range and for all I know it might be a pile of rust. That's why I posted here, to tap into the wealth of knowledge this site has to offer so I can make an educated decision on the car. I'll check out the other websites you have suggested. Keith
Most of what you will be looking for you will find by putting the car on a lift. Rust is the big killer, Check rear wheel up rights where they connect to the frame. check the rockers, floors and sub frame sections for rust. Check under the radiator as they often leak and rust out the support.
Check the ZF trans, does it shift smooth, funny sounds, etc... Pay special attention to the trans, rebuilds start at $4,500. It is not uncommon to have electrical issues, so check every electrical component.
Back to mechanical, these cars overheat very easy. Start it, drive it then let it idle for 10 min. do the fans come on, at what temp? Now the engine is a 351 Cleveland (basic mustang engine) so don't be too concerned about minor engine issues. Water pump although a pain in the neck, is cheap to replace. because overheating is an issue, check to make sure there is no water mixed in the oil, blown head gasket. Engine issues are not usually a deal breaker, its not a Ferrari.
Minor stuff to look for are, is the steering wheel cover original, they are getting very difficult to find. front steering play, rack and pinion bushings tend to go after 30,000 miles. Are the calipers seized, etc...
I have had a bunch of Panteras and loved each one. They are great cars and the owners tend to be emotionally connected to them, as am I.
No issues with buying low, and making a few $ to support your family and giving someone a good deal at the same time.
Originally posted by AlbanyGT40:
I wouldn't take to much to heart what gets said here...2 faced and most of these Guys would snap the car up you're talking about and roll it over just like you're thinking. Pantera World is weird place that's for sure.

Pantera world is a weird place? All places are weird. Human nature.

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