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My 10" Campi's have the long full gussets.

The say  "Campagnolo Detomaso 10 x 15" cast into the face.

I don't see that on this wheel?

That was replaced with stampings into the rims? I suppose those could be what the casting companies called "drop ins" into the castings?  I'm wondering how many types of these 10"x15" were made?

So far, this is at least two?

I thought that I had seen a version on a European version in a picture from the early '70s without any gussets and no ID like this but that might be a current Ronin reproduction and is a 16" or 17" and the pic just looked old?


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  • Dougs Pantera 10 in Campi wheel 3
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I have recently (within the last 1-1/2) seen Campi 10x15's with prices of $5,000 and as much as $6,000 for the pair. Neither of those sales lingered.

I was actually approached privately here on this forum and offered $6,000 for my pair by someone in Europe. Maybe it was just a great exchange rate for the buyer at that time? Who knows? That was about four years ago and I'm still in shock, but no longer need to take oxygen now.

The current asking price in that ad is about what Hall was selling them for while Gary was still alive. $500 for the 8's and $1,400 for the 10's.

That set definitely needs cosmetic attention and the physical condition isn't well documented.

Right now, today, for ALL special and/or rare parts, not just these wheels, it seems to be a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation with attempting to pricing anything so it gets sold.

I'm not in the market for the wheels right now, but why they aren't gone yet kinda' fits into my thoughts that it is a "cash poor/assets rich" scenario that I am seeing right now? I don't think that I am imagining this. Something is definitely going on with very slow sales.

In any case, someone with a a Detomaso secretly desiring the 10's should do some soul searching about buying that set, cash poor or not.

The quality of the magnesium used in the Campagnolo's is not showing any of the same deterioration of something like the old American Torque Thrusts or 200s.

The current cost of the tires to fit these wheels likely is a deterrent though.

Going from a set of four P7's at $500 a set to $900 per tire could fairly be described as a "come to gee z us moment" by some though. Including me.

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My 10 inch rims look like that, except the “Campagnolo” is indented into the room, and not raised.  Maybe that’s an issue with the photograph?  I have the same gussets.

It would be interesting to see pictures of the backside of the 10 inch rims.

Not sure why it’s “sketchy”.

Maybe the dude likes the gold Campy look (like Fuzz), painted these, then later bought some 17-inchers, and wants to move his 15 inch rims??

The picture of the car is from 2021, so these may have been sitting in his storage unit for 3-5 years….  Time to monetize them?


In picture 5 you can see he has his black Pantera in the garage behind them.

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