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My previous searches on this site revealed that the pins should simply be driven out with a punch.  The pedal box is out of the car and thus I can pound away on it.  After doing do for a period of time, it became clear that I was going to damage the pedal shaft, the aluminum box, the pedal itself, or all of the above.  In my case the pins might have to be drilled out or pressed out.  I am seeking advice on how to proceed.

You probably need to press them out? I remember having the entire assembly out and apart and I think that is what I remember doing with it?

It was immediately pretty apparent that I couldn't beat on the thing even on the bench. I don't remember what I used as a drive pin on the press though?

If you don't have a press, you might be able to do it using a vise as a press?

Just be patient with it and take a lot of breaks as you get frustrated by the procedure. I don't think the factory ever thought much about having to disassemble it for service. They would probably just service it as an assembly rather then individual parts.

I took mine apart to refinish it neatly. That was 1985 ish though so it isn't fresh in my memory banks? Maybe the clutch return spring was broken and an additional incentive to take it apart?

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Sorry, guys- it seems like all my recent posts are negative. But hammering 'with vigor' on pivot pins that are stuck in parts of the clutch linkage can lead to disaster, as some are cast iron and will crack if beat upon sideways too hard. And some are heavily loaded (like the slave cylinder pivot arm), so any weld repairs attempted should be done by a VERY qualified welder. Spares are getting rarer & pricier by the moment.... Doug and Steve's improvised pressing rig is much safer even if it needs to be done on the bench!

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