The accelerator, brake and clutch pedals all pivot on pins that use either E-clips, or C-clips.

They are a royal PITA whenever you must deal with them.

There is another option often used to retain pieces to a shaft, the hitch/hairpin cotter pin:

These pins are much easier to use than the stock clips. They do require a drilled hole through the shaft.

With my pedal box sitting on my workbench it looks like the accelerator shaft has enough meat to allow the drilling of a suitable hitch pin hole. Or, as it is pressed into the housing, I imagine it could be pressed back out a little bit to provide a better drilling position. (Obviously, to drill a pin hole while this shaft is in the car is likely an impossible task.)

But for the clutch and brake push-rod pivot shafts, a longer clevis pin looks to be a workable conversion:

McMaster Carr stocks the sizes that would be needed:

Do the engineers on the Forum know of any cautions that would deter the use of these clevis pins/hitch pins in our Panteras?


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