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I have some kind of issue with the charging system in my '73.
The battery does not seem to be getting charged.
Using a volt meter, the voltage at the battery reads the same when the car is off or running.
The ammeter reads full 75 to the right while driving, which I thought meant that the battery was being charged.
The "Gen" light on the speedo doesn't come on. I checked the wires there (blue/black & white) only to find that they both seem to be supplying power. There are also two resistors connected between these wires. I used a volt meter, and connecting the positive to each wire and to a ground respectively, it showed positive volts (don't remember how many exactly).
The car only seems to start as many times as a full charge on the battery will allow.
What other things should I check? Voltage regulator (where is that)?
Any help would be appreciated.
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I agree with Throttle Man, try a new voltage regulator. I took my old regulator to AutoZone to have it tested and it tested okay but the system voltage was still swinging all over the place. I put a new regulator on and the system voltage is steady and it keeps the battery charged. Like he said, they are only about 15 bucks.
Thanks for the advice. I removed the voltage regulator, cleaned the connections, and reinstalled. The "Gen" light on the dash lit up when starting the car. I proceeded to remove and clean all grounds (2 at the battery, 1 braided at the bellhousing, and one at the back of the transaxle). All grounds were attached to painted srufaces and needed a good cleaning. I then replaced the battery with a new Optima red top. After minimal use so far, the car starts like new - when engine is hot or cold, night or day
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