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If you own or are aware of a Pantera having a chassis number greater than 7554 but less than 9000 I would appreciate knowing so.

I am interested in knowing this info for purely historical reasons, I am always seeking to understand the Pantera's production statistics as accurately as possible, and this is the area that's on my feeble mind at the moment. I don't need the names of owners or anything else, just the chassis numbers. You can share the information here publicly, via a private message or via email ( ) whatever you prefer.

The last Pantera assembled by Ford (Ghia Operations) for import to North America was chassis 7380; De Tomaso continued manufacturing Panteras with Vignale coaches until they ran out of them. The highest sequential chassis number of a Pantera with a Vignale coach I am currently aware of is #7554.

I am also aware however of three non-sequential chassis numbers in the 8000 range! 8471, 8472, and 8660. I assume the Panteras with chassis numbers in the 8000 range were manufactured in early 1976 using Vignale coaches, but that is purely an assumption on my part. Information regarding the build date and the coaches of the Panteras with chassis numbers in the 8000 range would be immensely helpful and appreciated.

De Tomaso claimed there were 7260 Panteras manufactured, currently I can account for 7160 of them.

The statistics I gather will of course be shared with everybody.

Thanks ... and Happy Holidays
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Thanks Peter!

Do you know if the car has rounded "Vignale" rear wheel houses, or sharp edged 9000 series rear wheel houses? Did the owner mention a build date or a first sold/registered date?

At the rate Panteras were being manufactured in 1975/1976 there's a possibility up to 40 Panteras with chassis numbers in the 8000 range were manufactured in the first half of 1976. If they have sharp edged rear wheel houses they will probably be of interest to you as registry candidates.
Originally posted by Peter H:

This is an interesting chapter in De Tomaso history, isn't it?

Immensely. The existence of Panteras with chassis numbers in the 8000 range is not common knowledge. Bill Van Ess wasn't aware of them. I don't believe the owners of cars with chassis numbers in the 8000 range are aware the chassis number of their Pantera is unusual.

8182 appears to be a GT5 clone, or perhaps a factory conversion. If I'm right about the assembly date it can't possibly have been a factory original GT5. 8471 is a Group 3 race car, 8472 is a GTS. And I have no information about 8660. The most basic questions remain unanswered ... are they built using Vignale coaches or coaches sourced from somewhere else; and what year were they assembled?

Ford closed the doors at Vignale around August 1974, and Bill Van Ess wrote the first 9000 series car (chassis 9001) was manufactured in July 1976. So the challenge is to determine what transpired in regards to Pantera assembly during the interim 22 months. Is 7554 the last Pantera built around a Vignale coach with a sequential chassis number? If not, what is the last sequential Vignale chassis number? How many Panteras were assembled with chassis numbers in the 8000 range? There is a discrepancy of 99 Panteras between De Tomaso's claimed production number (7260) and the production I can currently account for (7161). If De Tomaso's production number is accurate the discrepancy lies amongst Panteras assembled during this 22 month period. We'll get to the bottom of it eventually.
George - I would give RS Corse in Modena a call or e-mail. Talk to Rafaelle.

They have the complete archives in their offices. I've seen the archives and wen't through them with him this summer. We looked up a number of cars, including my two panteras.

It would be easy for him to check for cars in the #8000 range - it's very organized - they would all have been euro (or non-us) cars, so they definately should be there.

Someone should talk to them about a write-up of the history of the pantera - before everyone that was actually part of it is out, or, before the documentation is lost.
Compiling those mentioned in the forums recently,
including those you've mentioned Denis, and looking
through my own notes, I've got this list of 10
Panteras. I believe these are all either GTS, Gp3,
GT4 or GT5. Those we have build dates for point to
having been built & sold in the years 1977-1980:


How about if I move this topic to the De Tomaso History forum?
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I too have wondered about the gap in serialization from 75xx - to 8999.

I suggest another possibility for you to consider.  Could some cars  rebuilt by the Factory have received ~new VINs for some reason ?

For a few cars in the 8000 range, they have a common 'history'.  They were returned to the Factory for significant work. 

Another example, we know 2263 (the first Group 4) was crashed very early in life, then sat on a pallet behind the factory for a number of years.  Later the car was 'rebuilt' as 8263 in GT5 trim.  Recently it has re-appeared, now in it's original Group 4 trim.  Details posted here in the forum.  Great reading.

The red Pantera (here in the USA) was photographed by Mike Drew.  At the time, Mike told me that the owner had sent the car back for extensive work.  It was returned with a 8xxx VIN.

Anyway, something else to consider, and I look forward to your thoughts!




Vito (yes Philippe) posted a complete list of chassis he says he has paperwork for on Facebook, inclusive of the following in the range of discussion. 

7589, 7933, 8001, 8263, 8456, 8470, 8471, 8472, 8798

Obviously he does not have a complete list of all chassis manufactured by the fact 8182 (a verified car) 8417, 8660 and 8735  mentioned earlier in this thread are absent from his list, but we are up to 13!

For those that might be interested in (and want to count) the whole list;


chuckmelton posted:


I look forward to your thoughts!


Hey Chuck

We've spoken about this subject before. I am in agreement with you. They are all definitely renumbered by the factory. For various reasons I suppose. I wonder about the documentation … i.e. did the cars receive a new "birth certificate"?

A renumbered chassis gives new meaning to the term rein -"car"- nation.

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joules posted:

 we are up to 13!


Well … 8456 is definitely an addition to the 8000 series numbers. I don't know what to think of 7933 … an exception to the rule about exceptions? We can't call  it the 8000 series if 7933 is part of it.

And does 7589 indicate there are at least 35 more Panteras built with Vignale chassis beyond #7554?   Or is it a renumbered chassis?

Its 5:30 in the AM … is that too early to have a drink?  I ponder better when I'm sipping a drink.



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George P posted:

Well … 8456 is definitely an addition to the 8000 series numbers. I don't know what to think of 7933 … an exception to the rule about exceptions? We can't call  it the 8000 series if 7933 is part of it.

 Well, silly me going by the title of a thread "Chassis Numbers between 7554 and 9000" 

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