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Greetings all,

The dates have been announced for the Classic 24 hours of Le Mans for 2008.

The event will be held July 11-13, and details may be found at

Amaya and I will be attending, and will do something similar to what we did before regular Le Mans this year - namely spend the week prior to the event driving around the Loire Valley in France, visiting chateaux and comparing notes of French wines. It'll be rough. (A brief description may be found at which is currently just a little further down on the same Euro-news forum page....)

Our exact itinerary is still TBD, but we made a short list of chateaux we'd like to visit. Candidates include, in no particular order whatsoever:



Ussé (nice from outside but empty - photo session if we are in the area?)



Clos Luce (da vinci lived here and we can see a Da Vinci museum, among other things)

The next step will be to plot the chateaux on a map and plan a logical itinerary. They are all fairly close, and there are some lovely tiny little roads connecting them. This year we simply plotted our destination in our trusty GPS and told it to avoid highways... we saw parts of France that the French don't even know exist! It was great...

Anyway, please consider this an open invitation to tag along. This isn't a formal meeting of any sort, but instead is an excuse to get your car out and/or hang out with some nice people. (That's us, in case there was doubt...)

More news over the next month or two, but for those considering attending, pencil the week prior to the event in on your calendar. US-based people may want to look at airline tix, since they will only go up in price between now and then. When we have the itinerary, we'll send hotel details to any interested parties, and then basically see who shows up! (Didn't Las Vegas start the same sort of way??)

We'll also decide over the next month or two what the best way is to reserve tickets and/or camping. I don't expect the same problem with space that we have with "regular" Le Mans.

The idea of this e-mail is to communicate the dates so that people can pencil them in on their calendars. Please feel free to pass this invitation along to anyone who may be interested.

More news as we figure things out...

Hope to see you there?

Charles McCall
1985 DeTomaso Pantera GT5-S #9375
"Raising Pantera Awareness across Europe"
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Deauville to one and Guara to the other but lets not forget the DTDC will be taking part in the Drivers Parade before the main event in June provided one of each (or thereabouts) model makes it which should be some major league fun

Just another thought on the subject, once again the organisers of Goodwood and the Le Mans Classic of got their conspiratorial hats on and put the two events on the same weekend which beggars belief when many of us would seriously want to do both.

Lets blame the French
Hi all,

Anyone thinking of attending the classic 24 hours of Le Mans... please note that one of the two campsites is now sold out via the ACO, which is the organizing group. It won't be long before the other is as well, and sources of tickets dries up at the alternative sources.

If you are thinking of attending, I'd recommend reserving as soon as you can. At least two Panteras are now confirmed, and we'll be camping at Maison Blanche...

Both Panteras have reserved from the following company, which is the same one I've used for many years for my Le Mans fix...

We still plan on spending a week touring around the Loire Valley before Le Mans, and we'll send details of that for those interested at a later date, but I wouldn't wait too long to reserve your Le Mans tix!!
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