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I've bought some Cleveland stuff on this site before (intakes) so I thought I would post this lot here. Would be killer to see these go on a Pantera.

Going to go with a low port exhaust head instead of this a3. This is a cool opportunity to get a new never ran set of A3 heads, and both the low and high rise intakes to match them.

One head is an '83 model, and one a 85 model. The 83 model has had the wider exhaust flange alteration done. The 85 has not. So one will need to be made to match the other. I was quoted $200 to do this.

Included is a new set of Miloden Stainless Valves, to match the already installed Steelite Seats

Both the low Torker Style A331 and the Taller A351 intake are included.

The A331 is brand new as well. Never bolted on anything.

The A351 has been machined to fit a 9.2 Cleveland. It was on Factory Block Cleveland with 4v heads for a while. It will need some cleaning up and touching up. It also has a new Price Motorsports valley plate.

I am located in Houston Texas. Will ship on your dime.


Text or call best way to get in touch with me 832 833 0893


Images (8)
  • a331 torker intake
  • end pictures
  • exhaust flange
  • front head picture
  • gray intake with adapter
  • head 2
  • intake flanges
  • valves
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That's a VERY NICE set up for a Pantera. I have a pair of A3's on mine along with matching 48 ida Webers and 180 headers.

Let's just say that the car LOVES them. I think this is the same setup that Mad Dog was Bonzai racing in his Pantera?

What I find interesting about this series of heads is that many builders would prefer to start with the C302's but when you see the finished product, they are virtually A3 ports?

Anyway, I'd highly recommend this set to anyone. You will not be disappointed. With the right cam, you're WAY over 500hp.

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