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i found this cheap Cleveland block on Gumtree (Aussie Craigslist) for  au$70, i think it's a 351 looking at the wear marks

but at first assumed it was a locally made 302C (the same block i believe)

Thought you might want to see!  Hope this (my 1st ) Post is not too boring.

(editor: feel free to delete if i have posted in the wrong section)

I hope to build it into a George P. spec engine (love those engine articles!) but we'll see what the machine shop says about this particular block.

Thank you all for looking. i enjoy your much more spectacular posts.

-Dave (Adelaide)     Edit: i now think it's a 302Cleveland aussie made block.


Images (3)
  • clevo1
  • clevo2
  • clevo3: at a glance i can't see any cracks where i lightly sand-papered
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