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New ones are available from Wilkinson's but will run you over 300. I saw some Alfa on evilBay and they look mighty similar. Who knows Alessandro used a lot of the same parts as Fiat, Alfa, Ferrari and Maserati
I bought from wilkenson and was not happy.
Here's some info I have collected on the stock part.

Clutch Master - D-Bonaldi C ITALY 5998 FM2

Clutch Master mount bolts = M8 x 1.25 x 1 ¼” or 30mm
Rebuild kit BECK ARNLEY 071-5771
NAPA 255 $19.09
EIS C7679
Bore, .750”
Boot, 3’ long 1.235” large OD + .590” small OD

Next time I replace I will probably go with Pantera East. If I remember the kits were not availible.
If you take these apart you will only see that the working parts are o'rings, you would be well served to go with viton o'rings,the parts you really need are the boot, tank and lid. real poor from the vendor i choose
This fellow rebuilds them with stainless sleeves,

Vince Sr. at CH Topping in Long Beach,CA. Phone is 562-432-0901.

Good luck, Mark


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Viton - not compatible with brake fluid

I was going to ask that. I know that when VITON is used in a noncompatible fluid, there is a possibility of the VITON's making a very nasty byproduct. The warnings I have seen stated that if you see a black film or color in the fluid near the oring to be very cautious. This black film could be Hydrochorlic (I know I spelled that wrong) acid.
Info from another post (I'm just the messenger)...

Clutch Master and Slave Rebuild Kit

I used a kit from International Auto Parts for my 71. It's a bit pricey at $48.95 + shipping, but I needed the long boot. If you have the short boot, try calling them. I also got their kit for the slave cylinder.

Bonaldi clutch master & slave cyl kits:

Clutch master:

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