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The Concorso is about a month and a half away.

There's a one time change in scheduling this year, the Concorso is being held a week later than normal ... Saturday August 25th. This is due to the expected turn-out for a special event being held at Pebble Beach this year on the customary week end.

The Concorso is billed as the largest Italian car show in the world. It is also the one event each year in which the De Tomaso exhibitors are directly hosted by Pantera International (i.e. Debbie and I). We always look forward to meeting new people, and getting reacquainted with old friends too.

We are one of only a few marques which hold our own awards program on top of the program operated by the Concorso. It has become customary for Debbie and I to have a gift for each exhibitor too. We'll be there with our trophies and gifts again this year! Plus a few items from our store. Looking forward to seeing you all.

The exhibitors at the Concorso are representatives for De Tomaso owners world wide, we always need to make a good showing for the marque, and bring our exhibitor numbers up because the more exhibitors we have the more respect we get from the event organizers. And of course the more exhibitors we have, the more the world continues to take notice of our marque. Our exhibitor numbers were down last year, we're hoping they'll be up this year. There are only 15 exhibitors registered so far, we should be able to double that! How about some of you folks in the Reno area making the trip over the hill?

More than anything else Debbie and I want to facilitate De Tomaso owners hanging-out with each other, making a showing for the marque, and having a good time. We sincerely hope you'll consider joining us at the Concorso this year, if not as an exhibitor, at least as a spectator. However, the passengers of exhibitors get in free, therefore it is cheaper for two people to drive in as exhibitors than for them to enter on foot as two spectators. So bring two lawn chairs, one for yourself plus a second for a passenger, and bring some money for food and drink, and enjoy yourself at this awesome event. The founding concept of the Concorso is that your car does not have to be a show car to enter.

The Concorso is more than just a car show, it is a festival. Among the events held each August in Monterey this festival has the most to offer in terms of sights and activities, there's significantly more to do than "just" walking around looking at cars or sitting next to your car in a lawn chair. The Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course is a large attractive golf course, having large rolling fairways lined with groves of large trees. The blue water of the Monterey Bay is visible in the back ground. The venue is cooled by an ocean breeze. On the day of the event the fairways are lined with "pavilions", those white tents with pointed roofs so common at festivals. The sound of Italian music echoes across the fairways and the aroma of Italian food lingers in the air. There is food to sample, wine to taste, a fashion show, live music, interviews of Italian auto industry luminaries, vendors, and much more. Significant others will not be bored or disappointed.

The Mangusta below won the Concorso's Best of Show award last year! First time for a De Tomaso..



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