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Added more photos to my photo site at the link below (Go to the Crystal Cove section). Each Sat AM nice cars show up at Crystal Cove CA. Got several good shots of Mikes pristine Group 4, a yellow/black spotted Pantera (you got to see this one), a silver Shelby that got all the attention, and several Lambos (one yellow "WOW" which you may enjoy).

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Originally posted by Mark#6808:
Wow, the blue Pantera looks like it has had a lot of TLC, and I'm not a louver or spoiler guy. Does200 do they have a place to park drivers? I'm planning on heading over next Saturday, if my seats get back from the trim shop.

Yes, Mike's Group 4 is pretty much perfect, and he will certainly tell you so too...but as most of us know, that is Mike (always tells you what he thinks). I never have a problem with him, but some seem to.

There seems to be a mix of show cars and some drivers, but most are real show cars. If you feel embarrassed to park by the triple digit Lambos and Shelby cars you can also park in the non-show area in the regular parking lot, in which there are pretty nice cars there too! I have never put my cars in there, but you need to be there at 6:30 am if you are putting in your car for show, in which the cars sit in line on PCH and then the local gum shoe opens it all at 7:00 am, and the event pretty much winds down by 9:00 am or so. It is just about one mile south of Newport Coast Drive on PCH on the left in the shopping center. See map link below.

I may go there next Sat just to see that babe in black again by the yellow Lambo. When I am sick and tired of CA traffic and congestion, these sites seem to help me out.
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