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Some of us have now converted to the aftermarket CV joint conversions.
Proper torque for our half shaft bolts has always been a problem and CV joints with adapters are even worse.

Dennis Q recommended a couple of offset torque adapters for the hex head and 12 point bolts, but had no recommendations for a similar offset adapter for the 5/16 inch Allen needed for the socket head cap screws. Probably because I do not think such a tool is actually made by anybody, and I did a lot of searching.
The only access I have for tightening the inner-adapter cap screws is through the wheel well using a 10 inch extension. We all know how well extensions work with torque wrenches…..
So, I decided the tool needed to be fabricated, and this is what I came up with:
I found the 5/16 inch torque adapter on Amazon and cannibalized a spare craftsman hex head socket.
A short drive to my friendly TIG welder, $20 and a day later I now have a tool allowing access to those caps screws from above, in the engine bay.  

UPDATED ‼️ Ooops. A friend and fellow owner has pointed out, and I have confirmed, that the cap screws are metric and take an 8 mm hex Allen. 5/16”=0.3125”…..8mm=0.3150”

0.0025” isn’t much, but…..

The good news is an 8 mm hex will fit quite nicely in the 5/16” torque adapter.

Looks like my welder is going to get another $20 out of me.

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