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Any results? Here's a link to the Entry List....

Entry List - 24 Hours of Daytona

Entrant: Micangeli, Maurizio
Co-Driver: Pietromarchi, Carlo
Michangeli, Marco
Country: USA
Car info: 72 DeTomaso Pantera S/N 5763
Number #3
Livery: Red/White
Class: B-2

Here's the car's Racing History (per the Daytona Web Site)*

De Tomaso:

Continuous racing history as a group 4 car from 1972 to 1976, then as a Group 5 Car from 1976 when it raced in the Word Championship for Makes for 4 years.

In 1977 it was the De Tomaso official works car.

Notable races include: 6 Hours Mugello, Italy. 6 Hours Brands Hatch, United Kingdom. 6 Hours Vallelunga, Italy - 3rd overall!! 2 Hours of Rome, Italy - Overall winner. 6 Hours Nurburgring, Germany. 6 Hours de Pergusa, Italy. 6 Hours Brands Hatch, United Kingdom. 24 Hours of Le Mans - 1979 and 1980.

World Championship result:

1977: 1: Porsche 2: BMW 3. De Tomaso
1978: 1: Porsche 2. De Tomaso 3: Chevrolet
1979: 1: Porsche 2: Ferrari 3. De Tomaso

* Note: I just got this info from the Daytona Site - I have not connection to the car, except I think it's cool that it's racing!
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Interesting. I wonder how a mid-1973-built car with that serial number could have competed in 1972? S/n 5763 is also nowhere listed in P Olczyk's book on DeTomaso Racing cars, nor in the World Endurance Championships results under that s/n. I know they accept clones of factory race cars nowadays. Or maybe you're referring to GR-4 s/n 2862 ('Candy'), owned by Patrick Hals of Belgium and reportedly shipped to Daytona 2014 after winning the Portimao Endurance race in Sept, but did not run due to a undersized fuel tank that would not let him finish the Daytona race without far too many fuel stops?

Les Gray of AZ, owner of factory GT-4 #2833 is recuperating from knee replacement surgery (last week!) and Guy Trigeaux in N Carolina, owner of factory GR-4 s/n 2860 doesn't monitor this forum, so I'll ask the question for them. We keep a listing of all known DeTomasos in international racing- win or lose- since '72-'92, and Micangeli & Pietromarchi did compete '73-up (unverified s.n Pantera, though).

I also note in the Daytona entry list is Lilo Zicron, the owner/driver of that wildly modified racing Mangusta featured on the cover of a recent POCA Newsletter. Sadly, he was not driving the 'Goose but a '73 March 73-S Can Am. Maybe the race-Goose got sold?

The number stamped into the chassis is 2862. The fact there are multiple chassis with the "2862" stamp has been covered in other posts. And as I recall, there are several articles in past PI magazines about Gp 4 Panteras having different visible numbers at different stages.

As far as the drivers at this event, see the pic attached. Especially note that last name at the list!!

Lilo Zicron was gridded right next to the Pantera at the start. I'm sure he noticed it parked directly to his right and must have thinking "really, is that a Pantera?!?"



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Since I posted this in the "Racing Photo Forum" category, I thought I'd share a few "more post worthy" photos that I found of this event.

The photos are from Paul Woodbury's flckr page:

Clearly Paul is much more capable of producing shots that merit public display than I!

On a related note, this car also raced in Savannah and Sebring in 2015. Here again, I'll defer to one of Paul's photos to better capture the event:

Interesting to note the updates between 2014 and 2015.


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