I need some information about what appears to be a decal I have seen in several photos. as shown here on the front fender and rear.

would this be available?

any background or use information would appreciated


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it is also amazing by adding "classic" to the google search found those stickers where I had previously searched multiple times with no luck.

Steeler, do you have the sticker just on top of paint/wax or have you clear coated over it?
JFB - Are you thinking of getting some? I could save some shipping cost by sending them to me in Sweden and I can bring them back.
again thanks
the postage stated on the site is only ~$2.50 which is not bad for a $13 item. So Husker, unless you plan on driving to Dunn when you get back to NC, I'll take a chance with the mail. You are still welcome to come by though.

making that slight change to the google search, I found similair vinyl ones on amozon, but Steeler's comment that this are metelised sounds better.

My hesitation on placing the order is a fear of ebay/paypal!
Hi Chris
I got mine from this guy, and yes, like a silver flexible backing, I have had them a couple of years though?
recieved the decals today. They are on a silver backing, but I do not think it is metal foil. I folded a corner and it did not bend like I would expect foil to do.

So I officially I have recieved the first parts I plan to use on the rebuild.


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You can also carefully and neatly trim around the "DeTomaso" lettering and stick that in strategic locations!

No charge for that idea!


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