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Hi Rightfully,
I think the tanks in the Deauville were very similar to the tanks in the Longchamp. If it is the small corrosion "pit-holes" problem that occurred with the alloy tanks I found a high grade epoxy was a good fix that has lasted many years. After removing the tanks from the car, I just cleaned the holes, fitted an aluminium pop-rivet into each hole (approx 2 per tank), then painted the outside of the complete tank with this very hard epoxy resin that was solvent resistant.
Just in case you can't find anyone to make some new ones.
My tanks are iron, and I believe somewhat bigger (approx. 50 ltrs each) than those in the Longchamps. The problem is water getting into the tanks due to too small water drains.
I had to weld (boom... CAREFUL!! Cool) in new pieces of metal in the bottom. Then treated them with Hirch tank etch and sealer. Good so far.
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Hi Rightfully and others of course!
New tanks are no longer available. Using longchamp tanks is no option either. I have seen a batch of 10 NOS tanks this summer and they are smaller and all square and angled, nothing like te deauville tanks.
Most tanks rusted through from the bottom up already when they were a few years old!
I had one tank patched up with a new bottom soldered in. I treated the other one with a set from Por 15. Great Marine clean and sealant stuff! Mind you this is only good for pinholled sized rustholes.
Well, let me tell you the story. My father who is 71 thought he was doing a GOOD thing, when he removed them from the vehicle. He placed them behind our office to air out and when he went back for them the next day, they had disappeared. Does anyone have any pics or specs? That would also help.
Wow, that's bad luck! Frowner
My best suggestion would be to have new ones made to fit your trunk. There's room for more volume compared to the original tanks, if made correct.
I believe the level sensors are equal to those on the Pantera, so new ones are available. You also need ventilation and tipover-valves. Mine are a Ford-product, but I don't know from what model. Sorry.
I will look in my files for pictures.
Wow! Thats a serious setback rightfully!
Did you remove the float/fuel pick-up and vapor cap before airing them or not.
If not, Fiat X1/9 carb models are similar. Not easy but also not impossible to get!
I have a left and right hand tank in my garage which I would be happy to photograph and measure for you.
You also posted a wanted add for deauville parts I noticed. If you need other parts let me know or send me a PM.

I spoke to the factory today, and they said that they have one used one, that they think is in good shape. They wanted to know if you need a left or a right, as they do know the vendor who made them had some around or could make another if someone needed it.

And who ever said that they were iron was right, they switched to the aluminum ones with the II. The ones for the station waggon were made from some other metal but my aunt can not remember.
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