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A bunch of us here in Holland, being me and Roel and Roge Pollen who also own a Deauville and organised the Holland Overdrive meetings, were thinking of doing something fun for the summer of 2007. We already came up with a title, Deauville to Deauville. So far that pretty much sums it up. Going with as many Deauvilles to the city of Deauville in the west of France, most likely starting somewere in the south of Holland. A quick count here should generate about 5 to 7 Deauvilles but as always, the more the marrier. Having a soft spot for the marque in general we'll propably turn a blind eye to too other types. Being the family car as it is we would like it to be a family affair, bring the kids!

Again were still in the early stages but we think that we should be able too come up with an entertaining and relaxed program that will fill a couple of days. Normandy is very pretty and has more than you can cover in a few days.

We will post any progress on this and if anyone feels the urge to put in his two cents, feel free.
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Hopefully by the end of this year my own car will have finished its long and indeed expensive restoration so I would certainly like to be included in any potential gathering.

I’d always had it in mind to take the Deauville to Deauville at some point so what better than to do it with other Deauvilles but I wonder what the collective noun is? An expense seems somewhat appropriate at the moment!

As for Charlie’s idea of incorporating it into the big Le Mans weekend what a damn good idea, what a site we could make Arnage corner on the Friday before the big race, a veritable sea of every mineral based fluid known to man if its as hot as last year!

Certainly the Normandy peninsular has given me some very interesting and enjoyable breaks in recent years with Honfleur being a real favourite of mine and indeed the Casinos in Deauville for a good night at the tables.

Winding a convoy through the Normandy countryside would be great and there is plenty to do and see particularly for those with an interest in military history and indeed Calvados.

So whatever gets decided please keep me in the loop as I’d love to join in.

A quick Deauville related question, I’m very soon going to be starting the putting back together after my car was completely stripped and although she was red when I got her it actually transpired she was in fact white when new. I have no desire to return her to Saudi Racing White after all the expense so I’m thinking Robino Rosso, your comments please?
Rubino Rosso does look good on a Deauville. If i'm not mistaken Rob, you even have the same interior colour. Just go with a colour you feel ok with, preferably an original colour of course. My friends Roel and Roge are really going off the beaten path. Theres is still the original grigio ferro, dark grey metallic. It's under restauration now and will be Rame, which is orangy red metallic. If you check under the archive button on this site you'll find some early 70's colours. It's wild!
Mine will be resprayed in the same original bleu Ischia, middle bleu metallic with its black leather and silver velours inserts I probably would have ordered the same when new!
You can also check, click on de tomaso and search for deauville, there are some decent colours too look at.
Roland, many thanks indeed for the picture of your own car it looks exactly how I want mine to be once Roger Brotton has finished with it. I’m off up to South Yorkshire next weekend to see how he’s getting on so I’ll try and post a few pictures up here.

Stephen, I had a good look at Rogers’s car when last I was at 3.4 late last year and she’s a grand bit of kit although there may yet be one or two others hidden under dust sheets somewhere in Britain! After having had a good chat with him this week it appears as though he is all systems go for June although I would imagine it is wise not to tempt fate! Roger is doing a bit on my own car for the next edition of the clubs magazine as once again after having taken it to bits he’s discovered a few anomalies fitted by the factory such as a limited slip dif, no doubt there will be more as the saga unfolds.

Dutchie, many thanks for the pointers on colors, there are indeed some suitably 70’s ones there! It’s almost enough to get you to go and find another car to have in a different color. The only one I really don’t like is my own cars original scheme of white, nasty!

Si Targa, thanks for the pointer but I’m afraid I’m being pretty hopeless, I can’t find out how to search the archive so I can have a look. All very annoying

I am going to contact another bloke here in the UK who’s restoring another Deauville at the moment and point him this way, a 2007 run to Deauville in Deauvilles has to be done
Greetings all from new member, Roger Brotton. The Deauville to Deauville idea sounds great..count me in. My series 2 is now back on the road, and really enjoying it. We will be going to the 24 Hr Le Mans in June as usual, so hope to meet up with a few of you along the way.
I will be travelling with Roger to LeMans in my Pantera. Rob, rogers place is a bit of an aladdins cave isnt it!
Charlie (McCall), hpefully we may get to meet this year, last year had a bit of an accident and couldnt drive down to LeMans on friday morning, intend to make it this year
Stephen - "regular" Le Mans or "classic" Le Mans?

For the first time in 5 years I won't be attending "regular" Le Mans, in order to be able to attend the International DeTomaso meeting a couple weeks later, along with the planned visit to the Classic race.

We ARE planning on attending in 2007, however, and I'm hoping to coerce some other Panteras into attendance as well.

I'll have to remember to post something in August or so when I go to reserve tickets to see if you (or any of the esteemed list members) plan on attending, and if they're interested in organizing camping sites or something. I'll most likely be in Camping Bleu or Maison Blanche...
Hello, Holland overdrive group. Any ideas yet for a date for the Deauville to Deauville drive. When going to Le Mans this year we took the Hull to Zebrugge route with our Deauville, so for your event we would be happy to join you for the start in Holland. Just been ironing out a few gremlins in the motor since Le Mans and it is now going really well.
I would agree that a date to coincide with the Le Mans event would be the best idea. How about a run down to Deauville on the Monday preceeding the race, spend a few days at Deauville, then motor down to Le Mans for the weekend?? How cool would that be ???
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