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I've seen many discussions over the years regarding the poor aerodynamics over the back of the "suger-scoop" section of the decklid and associated cooling issues, but never seen this before:

Maybe the latest application of the Chaparral "suckercar" albeit with slightly smaller fans? Wink ... although I'm not sure if the side-skirts drop down.

I especially like the "warning" label on the decklid. That must be a another first for a Pantera!

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Thanks for the 'welcome back'.

Yes, this Pantera was at Brands Hatch earlier in 2014. There was an article on the car in the UK DeTomaso Club magazine a while back.

There are lots of cool (literally) custom carbon fiber parts developed by Reverie in the U.K.

I spoke with Reverie a couple of years ago, and even sat in one of their all carbon seats as installed in this Pantera. Not cheep stuff, but worth a look if any members are interested in investigating different air-management strategies.

No, I haven't sold my Gp 5 car ... but haven't been trying.

I'm in the middle of restoring the IMSA GTO Pantera that ran back in 1986. It's a bit of a mix between a Daytona Prototype (which I think you know a bit about!) and a Pantera.

Too many projects ... never enough time or $.

Yes, this is the Joe Jackson built Pantera. Based in the UK. There was an article on the car a few years ago in the U.K deTomaso Drivers Club magazine.

It's evolved over time. So if you believe that "racing improves the breed", I'll bet there are some good "lessons learned" on this car that could be adapted and applied to other Panteras.

Specifically here I was highlighting the aero mods at the rear, but no doubt there is other 'trick' stuff going on with this car.

Just keeping things going here. Here's a cool vid I found.

Those were the best days of racing ever IMO. So much new and varying technology and ideas being applied, with basically no rules.

Like the Shadows too, Forward thinking people.

Today it's exponentially faster, everything, technology, research, but it all looks the same pretty much. Back then, well, you had Porsches and Chapperels and Shadows and McLarens and GT40's ferarris and who knows what else, all different, with different ideas as to what might be faster. Man! What a time for racing.

And here's a vid of a Can Am race, where Bob Boburant won. The significance is that one of our forum members drove for, and with Bob, and was an instructor at Bob's driving school at Sears Point for many many years.

MUCH respect for Ron Southern, and his Pantera is something to behold. As virgin as you'll ever see a Pantera.
My guess would be that the radiator is mounted under those fans to the underside of the rear decklid.

I LOVE the side window scoops on that car, and those are the wheels that I'll be installing on my car when I get the cheddar together. Nice, old-school BBS 3 piece wheels with gold centers.

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