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Hi all,

Bored a few weeks ago, Amaya and I sat down and played with Photoshop, my collection of Pantera photos, and a website called Zazzle to create some souvenir t-shirts for this year’s week long tour of the Loire Valley and the Classic 24 hours of Le Mans.

The results may be found at

Note that by clicking on one of the designs you can change the shirt style, see the back of the shirt, zoom in, etc.

Before saying anything, I wanted to wait until I had the shirts in my hands to see what they looked like – would it be a photo glued onto the shirt or would it look like a real t-shirt?

Personally, I’m quite pleased with the results. Actual shirts may be seen here:

(Note, again I forgot to put a .jpg suffix on the filenames, so if using something other than MS IE you might need to add the .jpg).

Anyway as long as the work is done I thought I’d pass the info on to those interested – anyone who likes the design is free to purchase their own directly from Zazzle.

Have fun!
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