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There are pictures of it in ProvaMo...  It was in a Concours in 2015 in CA.

If it's really in the showroom, it's probably the real one.

It was pretty nice back them....


PS...  It's interesting, the VIN is 5017, which is hundreds of cars after the L model production (4260 IIRC) started, but it has a dual pod dash... They must have found one in the corner of the factory back in 72 or 73!

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Thanks guys.  Pretty sure it's not a scam, esp as my next step is to go to check it out in-person.  The owner is open to a possible partial trade for my '74 Bronco which would make it more financially feasible (though a hard call as I've owned the Bronco for ~12 years and it's basically part of the family at this point).    Hope to get to see it within the next few days.

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