I cannot locate a new sealing rubber to go in my 2 door window frames.

The profile I cannot see clearly on some vendors websites. It also seems very expensive.

does anyone have some in depth info regarding these seals please, other cars that used them or the vendor selling really correct ones.

best Peter wish I could post a picture!
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Originally posted by Peter Fenlon:
No Joules, your thinking of the seal that the glass slides in.

this seal runs along the top of each door, and also down the outside rear of the door frame.

Its obviously not a vital item but without it the job just isn't right somehow.

Okay, show as $61.94 a side on Wilkinson's catalog. Or spend a day on the internet searching, only to get some cheap Chinese knock off Big Grin
I have just yesterday evening had a mail from Roland Jaekel in Germany who has the correct items, one piece per side, as original.

Other vendors sell them in 2 piece sections that have to be glued together.

cost Euro 140 for a pair.

Thanks for everyones input, and I must admit that it gets up my nose that parts for cars skyrocket as the value of the car increases.
But each to their own as they say.
Originally posted by Simon:
Buy them from Roland that are the only real ones.

Cicognani ask €120,- + taxes + shipping .
And very slow shipping and bad comunication .

I must say that The parts that I have bought from Roland, have always been perfect.

Chuck thanks for going the extra mile.
Peter I have bought new ones for my car and I right remember but will have to check the originals were in good shape, you can have these but I will have to find them. I will look tomorrow and give you a call.
And if you need anything else for the car call and check with me before you buy I have lots of bits that may be of use to you.
Hello Richard,

I told Raymond yesterday that I wanted to order a pair from him.
This morning I had a reply that they were in the post to me, and then left me details of how to pay him.
I honestly did not think the seal would be the same as the Mangusta. but next time I will get in touch first, best Pete.

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