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In November I drove from CA to FL and had a great time doing it, 5100 km. Not in a DeTomaso unfortunately, the rental company was just out of them, but still had a good time. I drove the southern most states. Now it's time for the 2nd leg of driving all states in the US. Well, seriously I don't plan on driving all states, I'm most fond of the southern and western states. New York doesn't interest me for example, I'm a simple country boy enjoying the nature, scenery, heat, blues, and anything mechanical so to speak. And just driving, driving for hours...

This trip starts in Salt Lake City on June 3rd and ends in Atlanta GA on June 11th. So Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. Yes Mississippi and Alabama are repeats, just crossed them near the Mexican Gulf, but need to go to Clarksville, Blues Capital of the World. No R&R planned on this trip, we'll see how busy I'll get along the way.

Any suggestions on things to see for a gearhead: Museums, racetracks, get-togethers for classic cars, whatever? Meet Pantera friends? I had 4 Pantera owners that volunteered their time on the previous trip, 2 fit my itinerary, Chuck (Rocky on this forum) and Greg at the Ranch in Texas, I had a good time with them.

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In Salt Lake City you should make the effort to get to Tooele and the Miller Motorsports Park Museum (now Utah Motorsports Campus). Since Larry H. Miller passed away a Chinese consortium purchased the track and who knows how long the museum (not part of the purchase) will be there with it's Shelby collection containing original GT40's.


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