well Jack, I want to know all the steps it takes to get a car into the US to pass the Autombile Inspections.the car is an 81 GTS and its going to be imported from Zurich Switzland.
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Not sure if this is what you need but it offers a good start. One rule of thumb... cars 25 years old are exempt from EPA and DOT restrictions... Anything newer must comply with a like US vehicle of the mfg. Among things to keep in mind a import agent can handle all of the paperwork needed plus his fee. If it needs to be worked on in order to comply with EPA/DOT you can only take it to a registered conversion agent with the US Govt. No more "grey market" guys on the corner - sorry. The details are endless but you will pay an import duty of 2.5%, must pay whatever state you register it in their state tax, bill must be in english, must have a bill of lading from the shipping company, etc etc. Shipping is about $900.00 for roll on/roll off (yeah right a shipworker taking your car for a "spin?") or about $1800.00 for a 20" container. Not a big deal in all respect but man it takes an awful loooooonnnngggg time especially if you are excited about getting your car (It took about two months for my car out of South Africa)


If you won't to know my opinion..... it is perhaps best to save your money and head out to Las Vegas for the get together and search there. Getting the car from Europe is not the cheapest route when all things are considered.

my two cents.... Dave
Dave is right- its complicated. And it depends on where you live, too. Importing an '81 into California will be very different from importing the same car into Arkansas for example. Every state has its own rules and some are impossible while some are relaxed. Go to your local DMV and get as much info as possible for your state, including names of the DMV people that gave it to you. And since we''re starting a new year, I wouldn't be surprised to find everything changed in a month or so... Good luck.
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