A friend of ours just got a GT5 that was made real close to mine. My chassis # is 9203 and his is 9207. My engine # is 07240. His is 07243. How come his chassis # is 4 after mine but his engine is only 3?

Here's another weird thing. The number on his engine and the motore number on the plate (where the pedals and brake boster mount) are close, but not the same. The block reads 07243. On the ID plate it reads 0743.

Anyone have answers?
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chassis were not assembled in numerical order.

DeTomaso purchased Pantera coaches in "lots", the size of the "lots" possibly determined by Embo's specified minimum order size. Detomaso would specify the coaches to be stamped with number xxxx to number xxxx. Upon completion the coaches were loaded onto the truck at Carrozeria Embo (Turin) in no specific numerical order, a whole "lot" may have been shipped at once, or they may have been shipped in small numbers as they were completed in Turin.

Upon arrival at DeTomaso (Modena) the coaches were not unloaded in numerical order. They were not stacked in the DeTomaso yard in any order either. As subsequent truck loads of coaches arrived at DeTomaso, with later numbered coaches, the newest load of coaches may have been stacked in front of the coaches with earlier numbers.

When the assembly guys went out to the yard to grab a new coach, they didn't check chassis numbers, they just grabbed the chassis closest to the door. The chassis with the earliest number may have been way at the back, buried behind several coaches with later numbers.

Take for example, the first GT5 is numbered 9250, yet there are GT5's built subsequently with smaller chassis numbers; off the top of my head the smallest I can think of is 9159. 9203 & 9207 are also smaller!

You never know David, 9207 may have preceded yours in production.

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Thanks George. But what about the engine number ID? A 5 and 6 digit ID for the same engine? Is the missing middle digit really a typo?

Mine has a star then the 5 digits. His has a star, four digits and then another star.

#9178 has engine # 7216, written 'star 07216 star'. That's not too far out of wack with you, my chassis 25 units before yours and my engine 24.

I think George's rendition of things being haphazard at the factory is the most likely explanation, after all the first GT5 (show car) was reputedly #9250 and I suspect on the basis of orders from that show a number of coaches already at the factory were hurriedly converted to GT5. Coz told me #9178 was originally destined to be a GTS, but was converetd to full GT5 spec when an order came in for such.

I'm also second (or is it third now?) the opinion the 4 digit engine # is simply a typo.

The aluminum plate atop the footbox is missing from my car, so I have no stars with my engine number Frowner

the number stamped on the motor is 05149. A zero & 4 meaningful digits.

Do the GT5's have a body service number? If so, it is a sequential number that tells you in what pecking order your car was built. How about the assembly date tag on the driver door?

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