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Dear friends, I want to use a electric water pump on the engine test stand, but those aviable e-pumps do not use the bypass and were only bolted on the 2 big water holes at the block. The third upper hole is blocked. So I am not sure to run the engine without the robert shaw thermostat or with it. Normaly I would say the thermostat in this combination makes no sence, but I can not find a intern engine water flow diagram.  Thanks for your help.

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Peter, in the past I have stripped the internals from an old stock mechanical water pump, welded over the shaft hole and used that as a simple plenum that the electric pump can flow through.

If you use the electric pump with a PWM controller it can vary the speed to control the temperature, you'll need a good radiator with some fans to dissipate the heat anyway.

Why do you need to run the engine on a stand for very long?

don't know, but I got some opinions.

as for flow path, here is best I could find on line

Now for using e pump on test stand

Installing a thermastat will not provide any radiator bypass flow (blanked of port)

It will prevent ANY coolant flow till the stagnet coolant at the thermastat gets hot, so there could be much hotter locations.

so I would think no thermastat and assume you will cycle e pump speed to control flow to radiator and cooling.

you could even have an external radiator bypass valve to allow for a quicker warm up, Hey, even an external thermatat with by pass if you want to get fancy

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