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Early in the Club's history Fred Matsumoto passed the stewardship of Pantera International over to Eveline Blanchette, who published the Club's newsletter through to the spring of 1991.

Debbie and I visited with Eveline and her husband in October. They are doing well. Eveline has fond memories of the club, she says "hi" to all the "old" members, and sends you all best wishes.

George and Eveline sm


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  • George and Eveline sm
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I enjoy reading the old PI Newsletters when she was the Editor, Chief Cook and Bottle-washer.  She had to do it all, and was right in the middle of ducking it out with Ford on rust lawsuits, and keeping parts in production!

Glad to see she is still doing well, and has good memories of the club!

Thanks for the update!


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