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Originally posted by Rocky:
Peter -

We will need some pictures of your car, and the Essex Girls (or will they be Manchester Girls?) crowding around it!


Essex girls Chuck, they will be a good 200+ miles away there will be a good few Pendle girls there I imagine (Lancashire lasses) but lets hope no mother Demdike look alike's.

Pendle is a rather Famouse Hill in Lancashire where in times not too long past a coven of Witches were found and ducked in the river to see if they were real witches, they were proved to be witches if they drowned. They did.
Google "The Lancashire witches"
Here's a picture of Rachel Riley (an "Essex Girl") at the Ace Café... Maybe you can work an Uber to bring them (or maybe just her) over for the event...

Anyway - I am sure the event will be a smashing success, and I am confident your car will be the star of the show.

I know you have put a ton of work into it.


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