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For sale is a Sheetmetal Fabricated Tunnel Ram Intake.  The current top base is setup for dual dominators, 4500 base.  This is for a 9.5 windsor.  Could possibly be cut down and I have a 9.2 deck valley pan as well that could go with it.  Has bungs for fogger nozzles and twin Nitrous Spray bars in plenum.  yeah you'll want burst plates if you use that   Uses Fel Pro 1265 Gaskets.  Heads that could be used are B302, C302, C302B, early C3 SVO, Brodix BF201/202, Blue Thunder 3.6.  $1500.00 and the ride.IMG_1289IMG_1286IMG_1291IMG_1292IMG_1293IMG_1295IMG_1288


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