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 May I humbly share the following? 

 From a safety viewpoint the darkening of brake and signal lights is never a good modification to make to any car, and even more so in a very expensive car such as a Pantera. 

 I noticed this car does have a large third brake light in the spoiler which, at least up to now, has not seen its purpose defeated by tinting.  

 Even the owner of this car noticed the diminished effectiveness of the rear lights and installed the LED bulbs in an effort to regain some of the lost brightness.

Style at the expense of safety is a questionable modification.

My 2¢



The spoiler does not block much rearward vision at all.  My air cleaner on the other hand....

As far as smoking the tail lights.   It is first of all to my taste.  There are very few cars left it appears that have not had any mods done.  The lenses were not great so tinting them made them look better.  In fact.....the tail lights are brighter now with the tint and the LED bulbs than it was originally.  I don't feel safety is a concern.  I have no intention of tinting the spoiler light as it is fine the way it is.


My additional two cents anyway.

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