I am selling a 393" Cleveland stroker built by Tom Klein (Klein Engines) with a unique serial #1213 that he would be able to reference. I have his documentation and build sheet. Built with ALL NEW parts excluding the block, cylinder heads, intake manifold and timing cover. Block and heads were professionally reconditioned to the highest possible degree of mechanical tolerances. Even the oil drain-back hole in the lifter valley was smoothed out. The intake manifold was professionally ported and flowed (using a flow bench that Klein bought from Louie Unser's shop) with the cylinder heads for maximum performance. Dyno time only on engine. All in with dyno setup etc. engine cost $15,500 when built, asking $9,500 ono. The engine is not yet specifically setup for a Pantera, but was going to be installed in my '74 when I was planning to build a Group 4 replica race car. I have moved on from that plan since starting open wheel racing and don't have time for all the projects.

Factory '72 4-bolt block
Aftermarket main caps on 2,3,4 w/ARP studs throughout 
4.030" bore SRP 11.28:1 (calculated) flat tops 
Scat 3.85" 4340 forged/profiled/lightened crankshaft 
6" H-beam rods SBC sizes big/small ends w/floating pins 
Ford Motorsport "A3" aluminum cylinder heads with flow @28" 
.200 152/100 
.300 217/146 
.400 266/194 
.500 305/217 
.600 341/232 
.700 357/242 
2.19" titanium intake x 1.71" stainless exhaust (+.100" each) 
Isky dual coil w/dampner roller springs, titanium retainers 10° locks 
Comp Pro Magnum chrome-moly roller rocker arms w/Jomar stud girdle 
JP Performance billet timing gear/chain set 
Mechanical roller 274°/274° @.050" .709"/.709" lift 105° LCA 
Lunati solid roller lifters 
Edelbrock aluminum waterpump w/Moroso electric drive 
Professional Products SFI rated harmonic damper 
Milodon oil pump driveshaft, oil pump pick up and full length wet sump pan (not Pantera specific)
Mellings HV oil pump w/Moroso oil restrictors. 
ARP head studs, oil pan studs, header studs, carb studs, more 
MSD billet mechanical advance distributor 
Ford Motorsports/Jack Roush B351 4150-style ported intake manifold 
Holley HP 1000 CFM carburetor 
7850 RPM redline

Apologies for poor quality photos as engine is in a crate in back of the garage, I will drag out and take additional photos for serious inquiries, but it looks much the same as any engine on the outside, it's what's inside that counts!.




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