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Actually its quiet easy .. I have 2 of them and I may have one brand new for you if your still looking and I know I have 2 with tach drives ..they are FORD MOTORSPORT versions of the DURASPARK.

The hard part is finding a box with a red strain relief .. RED Calif cars 1977, 302 V8 only 1978 - 1979. It produces max spark intensity.
I actually only need the distributor as I plan to chop it up to make a cam trigger system. I can probably find one here locally so hang on to yours. I am looking for the distributor that has the spur style trigger system. I am having a bit of trouble finding a cam sync plug to fill my distributor hole yet allow me to get a sync signal for my efi computer. I dont need the oil pump drive or the cap and rotor so I am going to cut off everything above the trigger wheel and remove all but one tooth from the wheel. That should do the trick (I hope).

I am having a bit of trouble finding a cam sync plug to fill my distributor hole yet allow me to get a sync signal for my efi computer

Doing what you describe with a duraspark is certainly practical. If don't want to mess with it and are looking for a cam sync distributor/oil plug, MSD has them. They may say 351c is discontinued but I believe they're identical to the 351w with a C gear. Search Jegs or summit for cam sync. Last year they had them marked down to $85 and I bought some. They normally fetch about $135. I went back through MSD and bought another one for a friend a few months ago. If you call their tech line, they'll fix you up.

If you buy from MSD, ask them to send you the mating connector while they're at it. They're penny parts and not included with the cam sync.



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I saw these online and they are perfect. BUT... I ordered one through a local auto parts store. Its supposed to be three weeks before I hear back from them whether they are able to get it or not. I called MSD and they said it was not available although the guys on the phone seemed pretty unenthusiastic so didnt seem too eager to help. I also sent them an email which I am still waiting for a response to. I still have it on order so we will see what turns up. I would prefer to use this but hate to wait three weeks and find out it is not available. I called MSD again today and got the same answer. I cant believe that no one makes a product like this.

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