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Have read about installing the radiator in a forward leaning position,my asumption is that it increases air folw.Does this change the fans from pushers to pullers? Will install a fluiydine,with a new water pump.I have read that there is a kit available to ease install.Any recommendations on whose kit works well? Thanks 150 plus (3115)
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If you lean the radiator forward, there will be no room for the fans in the oem position in front of the radiator, so you'll have to relocate them behind the radiator. If you do this, don't mount the fans directly to the fins, they will eventually abrade the fins and cause a leak, ask Jim Cozzolino about this.

There is no proof leaning the radiator forward improves air flow. Any radiator other than the oem Fiamm radiator will improve air flow, the Fiamm radiators have a piss poor tube/fin design, they restrict coolant flow and air flow. Modern radiators will have fewer rows of wider tubes.

Make sure your cleveland motor has the proper thermostat installed! Most Ford dealers, auto parts stores and Pantera vendors sell the wrong part. Robertshaw #333-180 is the right part, available over the internet from Flow Kooler.

Also plan on re-wiring your fan circuit. This will insure you don't put too much current through the ignition switch (the new fans will draw more current). The use of new heavy duty relays and heavy gage wire also insures your new fans will receive full battery voltage and therefore run at full speed.

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Went threw this last winter, I had talked to Jerry at PI Motorsports about this laying down of the Radiator, He said why do you want to do that! Said he spends alot of time reversing the work for customers and that if you look at the area behind the radiator you will see an angle to guide the air down. If you lay the radiator down the air will be forced into the area straight on and confuse the air flow. I looked at this and took his advise, also did'nt like the idea of cutting on the car.
Take a look at this thread as to how it came out. still have the Meriah's and the flex lite.
Runs cool and the 2nd set being the flex lite hardley ever come on. stop and go traffic and never see's 175*F

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