need ft. lower ball joints? mine have a little up and down play when removed (no load). Is there a range of acceptable movement? also what else do these ball joints fit? thanks to all. Larry
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Unless you can figure out something that has eluded us all for all these years, they are pretty much only for Panteras - and another odd-ball Ferrari or two?

Your course of action is to call the vendors, or watch the eBay auctions.

Luckily the cost of these is now waaay down, as they are finally being reproduced.

Upon replacement, drill the bottoms of them for Zerk fittings and they should then last you for about forever.

mine have already been drilled with zirks, Q is were they greased? anyway they are loose up and down about 3/32 is this within specs? Larry
...Ofcourse Not!! Ball Joints should be stiff and hard to move. Any play is unacceptable!...
Yea, I thought so but as I recall GM trucks late 80s thru 90s had their "acceptable" loose ness. probably to avoid warrantee. thanks
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