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Yes recently I was involved in helping install a fuel pine to the bottom of the tank ( I;m a plumber by trade ) they were trying to use SS braided line and fittings.

1st thing observed was you need a lot of fittings.

2nd thing is because its all short radius the 1/2 ID SS fuel line hose kinks.

3rd there was not much room to mount the pump down low enough to be in the correct location to pump. ( pumps are not made to suck only push).

My advise is to buy some SS 1/2 tubing and a bender with a few SWADGELOCK fitting and make some nice tight radius's conencted to the bottom of the tank. Then a pice of SS Hose to the pump on the motor.

Use a nice Mechanical Pump in the motor suitable for the HP you desire. Its safer to use a mech pump rather then a electric.

Then bend up some nice SS fuel lines on the motor and you done.


Mine is plumbed with a ninety degree fitting threaded directly into the tank's threaded boss. It isn't hanging down much at all, and I've had no issues in over 28K miles of driving. Currently using just plain old rubber fuel line.

My Holley electric pump like wise has shown no issues, and it is mounted on the diagonal framing member behind the firewall.

Sure, I'd like SS braided, and some day will, but as for hanging down and gathering road debris, it really doesn't seem to be an issue.


I can post a photo later this weekend if you wish...

1/2" tubing plumbed from the bottom of the fuel tank, feeding a RobbMc mechanical fuel pump. 1/2" tubing feeding the carburetor. Highest flow fuel filter you can find. Do not use 90 degree elbow tube fittings, keep all the bends of gentle radius. Metal tubing is preferred over hose. Manufacturing a 1/2" banjo fitting for the bottom of the fuel tank will keep the tubing as high as possible and out of harms way.

If you are running a Holley carb, remove the little filters that are located at the inlet to each fuel bowl.

If you are supplying fuel injection, forget the recommendation for the mechanical fuel pump.

RobbMc 1100 bhp fuel pump

cowboy from hell
So with this mod are you using a stub that sits into the bottom of the tank to prevent all the crap and debris coming down the fuel line?

I thought previous articles were talking about increasing the tube diameter that goes into the tank from the top?
Joules I here ya but is there really a LOT OF CRAP in the gas we buy. I have a diesel shop truck and it has a seperator first thing out of the tank ..I;ll admit I never knew it was there ... it had a minimal amount of rust and water in it ..of course then it makes it way to 2 filters then the engine. I could be wrong but I think maybe a 90 short raduis bend and a prefabricated screen ..or an inline strainer like you use on a DRY SUMP would work and prevent damage to the pump ..then a filter after the pump is the way to go.

I would install a fuel filter between the tank & fuel pump that is designed for that application and leave it installed for the first couple of tanks of gas, just to collect the crap thats been collecting in the bottom of the tank for 30 years. After the first couple of tanks I would remove that filter permanently. The filter between fuel pump & carburetor stays.

cowboy from hell
Thanks for the great replys... I run a good highflow mach pump. Everything is steelbraided lines. Filter is on the inlet of the pump. The tank is spotless. It's the pick-up from the tank i'm concerned about because of the ID size. My thought was to take off the curved gasfiller and tac on a pickup point for a fitting and run a ss tube down to the bottom of the tank..I'll let you all know what I end up with..winter projects are starting..
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