I found a replacement pedal from a local Pantera owner that had had one fixed. I installed this but managed to lose the spring. Also there is no place on the arm
to attach the spring. I have tried several attempts to buy a replacement spring that looks like it will fit but so far no go.
I can't seem to find one strong enough to
pull the pedal back up. Most of the places
that sell springs sell very heavy springs for other things. Where can I find a good replacement spring and does it just clip around the pedal shaft? Seem like there should be a tang or something to clip onto.
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Yes, this is what I am finding to be the case. So I must assume some previous owner did this kludge for some unknown reason. I just bought an aftermarket Holley bracket
with dual springs to solve my problem. There is currently only one spring attached to the
carb and it's long, light, and also seems to
be a kludge of sorts. Can't wait to try the
new spring setup and (maybe) drive the car.
No, NO, NO I live in Larksville PA. USAand I had mine snap on me while I was driving hard two months ago. YOu can Tig weld the pedal or buy a new one. Hall pantera is where I bought mine. For as far as the spring for the gas pedal you were right at first there is a spring and although I'mm Italian I still say they did a cheap loosey job on it. They just drilled a small hole into the shaft of the pedal then attach a spring to it (The spring only works so well which isn't very good.) My pedal also broke right where the hole was drilled. It creates an inherant weakness. Try Hall Pantera for the spring.
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