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ZF well....Mine got done by ZF Service close to Stuttgart in 2015/16. They have an "old" fellow who does know the /2 from apprentis times design and build.
They did all 5 synch, replaced differential parts and replaced the shifter mechanism as was bent. Parts came from RBT (3000USD)

here the adress info: Manfred Huber is the guru..(he is the tech lead of the place)
ZF Services Stuttgart
Robert-Bosch-Str.6 73660 Urbach
Telefon/Phone +49 7181 9800-21, Telefax/Fax +49 7181 9800-50

Top article...
1) get the castrol Limited SLIP important
2) change oil frequently, as the parts do ROST! - true for the synchs defenately!

3) not mentioned, the PILOT BEARING should be checked as you need the CORRECT sizes, the US stuff very often used from FORD does NOT FIT, too loose. Original is SKF..(see Jäckel)
Eugenio, as Simon says, almost all factory V-8 Ford air cleaners look identical. Panteras had the removable lid chromed as the main variant, and there were two orientations of the snorkel air intake. Early cars had it pointing towards the left-rear while later ones had it pointing toward the right-front (180 degrees different).

There is a protrusion inside the air cleaner body that orients the assembly off the carb top, but by cutting the little sheet-metal protrusion off the air cleaner body, any air cleaner can point either way. The snorkel indexes to a formed sheet metal 'choke-stove' & flex tube attached to a cylinder head around #8 exhaust (rt. side) or #1 (left side) as needed.

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