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Posted this information in thread for Muttsjet #642 but figured it also belonged as a standalone post for all to learn and benefit from!  Steve

HERE IS INFO FOR ORPHAN AUTO- JIM    1-937- 554 - 6 000

This cylinder is described as: " 3/4" Bore, Center Valve, Remote Reservoir"

You will likely need to reuse your original pushrod.   Aprox $75-85 Feb/24

Advise if you need a pic' of what the original should be.......or search the forum.

Original markings on #878 Clutch master: EHEB-7707 and #310680 CC3

Rebuild Kits: Raybestos CMK1936 (1983-88 Jeep Eagle, 84-86 Jeep Truck & Wagon applications)       Girling SP1995/2        MANY Triumph TR2 TR3 TR4.

Both of the above kits are getting harder to find. eBay is presently a good source of old kits.

Pictures below are of original unit from #878.  Relined with brass insert by vender now closed.... DSCN3259DSCN3261Seal in above spring is usually main failure- #64673407 is number directly on seal.  Seal can be found in many other Girling specific .750" kits (see note below also!)


Specific Seal# 64673407  First replacement part I ever found for my Goose! Popped out of the 3rd box of seals I was looking thru in the auto parts store!  BINGO!!! I'll take it! 1996 or 1997!

JUST IN!!!   While looking for the above seal, which is usually all that needs replacing I found this exact seal in a LUCAS SP1967 kit on eBay for about $15!!!   It has extra parts, like reservoir cap and washer, but barring the ability to get the SP1995/2 kit, this would do the trick for you and it's cheaper and new!


Images (4)
  • DSCN3259: Clutch Master Blow Up
  • DSCN3261: Main seal as mounted on spring assy.
  • DSCN3262: Blown up spring detail and main seal.1
  • DSCN3263: Blown up spring detail and main seal.2
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