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Most of you know I have been buying, repairing and selling the GRP4 tail lights for many, many years. I gave up counting sales a long time ago but I’ve probably sold around 100 pairs.
I haven’t had any sets available for sale for sometime but I recently received a couple of word-of-mouth requests and decided I would devote a little extra time and I wound up restoring six pairs. I am left with three pairs ready to sell and ship.

All the sets have restored/repaired Carello housings and polished Carello lenses with nearly NOS chrome trim. They have all new bulbs installed, and come with new gaskets and mounting hardware. I offer socket head cap screws in stainless steel, bright zinc or black oxide and can also provide OEM screws but the plating is now 50 years old so their quality is compromised.
The sets come fully assembled and are basically a plug and play installation that can be done one night after dinner.
$650.00 plus SECURE insured shipping at my cost.
I don’t know when I might get around to doing additional restorations, so if this has been an upgrade on your list, please keep that in mind.
More details and photographs are readily and easily available prior to purchase.
First come first serve.
Please send a PM. To send a PM click on my name at the top of this post, then click the green box.
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...Larry comes Highly Recommended. The Best Tail light there Is, Period. Just Look at the Lights He Made Up for My Car. (See 'Old Spanish Trail with Pantera'*, on this Forum). Don't Wait! These Beauties Will Not Last!!

Nothing Boosts Your Panteras' Image, Like these Gorgeous GRP 4 Tail-Lights.

...And Just Remember, the 'Tail-Lights' are the Last Thing Your Competition is ever going to See of You. Make Them Unforgettable!


* Watch the Drone Video and check these Lites, Out. 'ALL-Red', They 'Made' the Photo. I put the best RED LED Lighting. behind them, you Ott to see these at Night!

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