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I have a stock set of half shafts that I had some trouble with. Half the guys said it was the cheap U joints, the other half said it was the shaft ends..??? All I can say is what I know for sure, that is... I was putting 1000 miles a month on the car w/no problems until I got the U joints replaced... Short time for reasonable offers then ebay... Happy Thanks Giving, and don't forget the TROOPS !!... Thanks...
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I had some trouble with

Not knowing what you mean by this, I'm just tossing out ideas. There may be nothing wrong with anything.

First off, I see no retention clips on any of the u-joint cups.

Second, if vibration was the problem, there are 16 nut-bolt connection points on the two shafts. If they are the slightest bit loose, you will get vibration.

Where did you source the u-joints? Did they require the once-common use of a thin shim spacer?

Hate to see you dump these if there is nothing wrong.

Well, I thank you for your good advice. As the story goes, it threw the "Thick" clips out after only 60 miles and I had to recover the car w/a flat bed. I replaced the thick clips with thinner snap rings and ASS-umed all was OK. Then I noticed another cap was flush with the yoke, about to sling out. Flat bed take two. Let me just say again, I was driving this car every day and beating on it regularly. It didn't really need new U joints, I just thought to be safe I would replace them. I believe, if these u joints were replaced with better units then all would be fine. I just wouldn't want to mislead as to the shaft history. I purchased a set of spicers from Marino at pantera east to end the UJ issue once and for all. I feel these shafts could be used. See the sad story in ZF thread. Thanks for your help...
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