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I picked up this project with very little history. One of the things that has got me puzzled is this connection from the header collector that goes to the valve cover breather. Does this provide any actual benefit? If so how?
I plan to bore and stroke this one to 408, would I be better off cutting and welding the hole on the exhaust? I plan on powder coating the headers anyhow.
I was told the engine has a solid cam (I'll change that) I started it today for the first time, fired right up and purred like a (loud) kitten (on steroids Smiler )


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Originally posted by Dave2811:
That is a crankcase evacuation system. It creates a partial vacuum in the volume below the pistons at high RPM to reduce pumping losses and helps ring seal. Works with open headers. Race car stuff only.

Thanks Dave, your explaination makes sense. I will most likely cut it off and weld the hole closed.
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