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I'm guessing others may have tried this before but thought I would share just in case.

I used 6 harbor freight magnets to hold the headliner in place so that I could get in the correct position before spraying the glue on.  I think 8 magnets would have been better.

Once I had the liner where I wanted it, I moved all 6 magnets to 1 side of liner and sprayed the glue on half of the liner and used a painter roller and my hand to smooth it out.  I then moved the magnets to the other side and repeated the process.

An added benefit was that after the glue set, I was able to slide the magnets across the linter without removing them.  This allowed be to use them like a squeegee and get any sagging areas smoothed out.

Be sure to get the magnets that have a 95lb working load rating as they stick perfect to the underside of the roof.  66mm Round Magnet (



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