My vehicle is almost a full inch higher on the passenger side then on the driver side.

I have to put rubber blocks in the springs to counter this height difference.

I measured the diameters of the spring and the rears are a little larger then the fronts (like they are supposed to be) but their is no difference from side to side in the spring diameter.
is it my frame that could be off?

(when I lift the car up on jack stands it only sits on three of them. It only touchs the fourth if you raise that jack stand higher but then it trows off the another jack stand?)

any suggestions?
have you ever seen or heard of this before?
the car had bounce steer pretty bad till i put in rubber blocks.
but now it runs like a champ at Pocono International Raceway.
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Rear subframe collapse is pretty common in 30-yr-old Panteras; if you're running stiff shock/springs, the front ride height could be affected. Putting the thing up on a lift will tell you if there's collision damage to the front. If none is visible, it's probably the rear subframe. You may need to take the car to a frame shop to have things straightened, or by adding adjustable spring perch shocks and an adjustable rear stress bar, you might be able to do it yourself. Many Panteras have had a VERY hard life and without seeing it, no real diagnosis can be had. If you're East Coast, take it to one of the knowlegable POCA guys out there to check it out.
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