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The driver side tie rod on my 74 will not turn at all. I've soaked it in penetrating oil over night, and still nothing. The last time I had to mess with tie rods on a car, they were shaped so I could get a wrench on it... these are completely smooth and round, so not sure what to do. I looked in the service manual and searched here, but didn't find anything... maybe I'm missing something? Is there a better way to try and turn it other than a vice grip pliers? I was able to move the passenger side no problem just by wrapping some duct tape around it so as not to scratch it up with pliers... but the drivers side even fully clamped will not budge, the pliers just chew through and move.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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...Back it up with a HEAVY block of steel/brass, Hammer all around the sides/circumference...Moderately. NOT Length-Wise!! Shock will loosen up the Threads. We used this method many times at the Machine Shop. Don't wish to mar it...Use a Brass/Copper Hammer. I'am assuming that there Is No Jam-Nut??

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Well, I tried all the above... and nothing, nada, zilch. Thing won't budge. I looked online and found a tie rod wrench which looks like it might be more effective than my pliers and pipe wrench. After that, I guess I'll try some voodoo magic or just sweet talking it -- "you're such a good tie rod, yes you are..."


I used Huskers potion a couple years ago to free up all the nuts and bolts on the suspension of my car that came from the east coast USA. Took 6+ weeks to get things loosened up enough not to break any bolts or make the fix even worse. I did also us a little heat now and then. I know when it comes to getting things done on our mistresses, I'd like it done right now. But I try to fit it in between life's challenges. Sometimes we need to sit back and as the kids say, "Chill".

No disrespect to your end goal or time line. Just my new 3 cents worth.

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